Do you have a vision for your music?

We can help you at any step of the journey; Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, etc.
Below are some short descriptions of our services, if you have specific questions, or want more details, please .

Music Composition and Audio Design

We offer music composition and audio design services for Games, multimedia, movies, short films, jingles, and any other media in which the silence is too much for you.


From helping you finish or polish your composition, arranging for different ensembles, choosing different places and ambiences for your recording, or any steps necessary to accurately record and produce the sound in your head, so you can share it with everyone around the world.


If you’ve already made your recording it doesn’t matter if you did it in your bathroom or a fancy studio, we can bring our years of experience in a wide range of music, and our diverse musical backgrounds, to help mix it to the best quality possible.


If the music is already mixed and is in need of the final mastering touches, we can make this happen. Between the three of us we can master any genre of music, as well as audio for film, tv, adverts etc.